How has COVID changed home visitation?

Some of you might be wondering how our services are still being delivered while physical distancing practices are still in place. Never fear! Our amazing …

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A mother is reading a small book to her newborn baby promoting positive mental health
Bring Maternal Mental Health Into Light

If you had to pick a “good time” to have a mood disorder, right after you have a new baby is probably the last thing on the list. Create positive mental health!

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A group of moms playing with their kids during Young child week
It’s Time To Celebrate Week of The Young Child!

This week is Week of the Young Child! It might not be a household celebration yet, but it should be. Learn what you can do this week to encourage your child!

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A Parent Partners Plus in the Arizona Family Health Project helping with a child
The Arizona Family Health Project

Parent Partners Plus is now enrolling eligible families into the Arizona Family Health Project. Learn what the health project is and how you can benefit from it

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A Parent Partners Plus team member doing a home visitation with one of their clients
What is a “Home Visitation” Program?

If you are new to Parent Partners Plus and family home visitation programs, there’s a lot of new information coming your way! Read our blog to learn more!

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A woman holding her stomach during her third trimester
Surprising Things Happening During The Third Trimester

Just when you thought you seen all the surprising things growing and changing with you, the third trimester happens. It’s a great experience with many surprises

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A mom kisses the hand of her newborn baby
Congratulations! You Just Had a Baby! Now What?

No doubt, you’ve been preparing for the birth of your baby with books, apps, advice from strangers and family alike. Learn the four key motherhood qualities.

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A Mother opening gifts with her family on Valentine's Day
Make Memories With Your Kids This Valentine’s Day

It doesn’t take much to get toddlers excited about holidays and spending time with you. Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your love and have fun.

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Parent Partners Plus member on the floor with a mother and son
We Are Here For You!

Our Parent Partners Plus specialists are here to answer your questions about home visitation. Are you wondering if it is the right fit for you and your family?

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