A Mother opening gifts with her family on Valentine's Day

Make Memories With Your Kids This Valentine’s Day

It doesn’t take much to get toddlers excited about holidays and spending time with you. And what better time to show these little ones how much you love them than with Valentine’s Day?

Starting traditions with young children helps them build positive memories with family. Traditions also help give kids an important sense of belonging, bring meaning to celebrations and help bond us to our loved ones.

The good news? It doesn’t take much time, effort or money to create fun memories for both you and your kids.

Here are a few easy ways to make this Valentine’s Day one you and your kids will remember:

Valentine’s Day Crafts

  • Hands and Feet – have you ever noticed how your baby’s feet and hands look like a heart when they are side-by-side? Or how they can also make a butterfly, flower, “love bug” and other adorable things with a little paint? Try getting the messy paint part done when your little one is eating their favorite snack in a high chair. For a tutorial, check out this blog post.
  • Heart Garland – using sample paint chips from local home improvement stores, let your kid pick some colors, then cut out hearts and glue or tape hearts to heavy string or twine.

Show Love to Others

  • Give a Valentine to a Stranger – many local shelters, senior centers and other organizations happily accept Valentine’s from your kid to those who may not get any. They could brighten the day, or year, of someone feeling a bit lonely.
  • Give Something to Others – if your child no longer plays with a toy, movie or game, have them give it to a friend, family member, neighbor or donate it to someone who may love it as much as they once did.

For the Love of Sweets

  • Conversation Cuties – adorable and customizable for your little Valentine, create a healthy treat that will make them smile using the kid-favorite Cuties! See more of these Conversation Cuties here.
  • Heart-Shaped Food – from cookies and pancakes, to quesadillas and fruit, if you have a heart-shaped cookie cutter (or a steady hand), everything can be a fun Valentine’s Day treat for your kids! For more ideas, check out this blog post.

No matter what you do, your kids will feel connected to you and this holiday. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect (because it never is!) it only matters that you did something together.

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