A mother is reading a small book to her newborn baby promoting positive mental health

Bring Maternal Mental Health Into Light

If you had to pick a “good time” to have a mood disorder, right after you have a new baby is probably at the bottom of the list. You just gave birth! A new baby needs you all day and night. And, at just that moment, 15 to 20 percent of new moms experience significant symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Today, we know a lot about the spectrum of mental health disruptions that new moms can experience. The resources helping new moms and their families also grows daily, so you truly aren’t alone.

These mood disorders can present themselves anytime during pregnancy or up to 12 months after giving birth and they effect women of every race, ethnicity, income level and age. Depression during or after pregnancy is the most common complication of childbirth.

Outside factors like a lack of support system, financial stress, giving birth to multiples and marital stress increase the odds that a mother will experience depression before or after the birth of her baby. 

Postpartum Support International offers information on the range of pregnancy and postpartum mental health disorders. They also offer help for new parents, including call or text helpline, online forums, online meetings, online chat with experts, and access to local providers.

If you think you or someone you know has symptoms that could be one of this pregnancy or postpartum mood or mental health disorders, reach out for help. Ask for help from family, friends, neighbors, healthcare professionals, community resources at your neighborhood Family Resource Center, or talk to someone at Parent Partners Plus because our network of family support programs is here to help!

Being a mom is a big job that sometimes takes a village. Thankfully, there’s a village here for you.   

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