How has COVID changed home visitation?

Some of you might be wondering how our services are still being delivered while physical distancing practices are still in place. Never fear! Our amazing home visitors continue to support families even though they are not able to make their usual home visits. Here are some ways our home visitors might meet with your family if you enroll in one of our programs.

  • The magic of Zoom! – or FaceTime or Microsoft Teams or whichever video interface your family and your home visitor agree to use. These videochat services have been invaluable tools during times of COVID to help our home visitors meet with families and deliver evidence-based support and guidance on all things parenting child development.
  • The good old telephone! We love to keep in touch with our families by phone and text to update you on new resources and check in to see how you and your little ones are doing.
  • Physically distanced drop by – Fortunately the weather has been fairly nice here in the Valley and some of our home visitors have been able to do some physically distanced outdoor visits–a welcome break for parents and their young kids.
  • The mail – Our home visitors continue mailing out activities and information to the families they support.

If you haven’t already – don’t wait to sign up for your home visitation program today! Even though we might not be able to physically sit and chat in your living room, we have home visitors who are ready and waiting to help support you with all of the questions you have about your little one’s development. As a parent – you deserve all the support you can get and we are here to help!

Update 8/4/2021 – Many of our programs have returned to in-person services while keeping the safety of families in mind. For more information about the programs in your area, please contact Parent Partners Plus at 602-633-0732.

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