A Parent Partners Plus team member doing a home visitation with one of their clients

What is a “Home Visitation” Program?

First, yes you should be excited! If you are new to Parent Partners Plus and family home visitation programs, there’s a lot of new information coming your way, so let’s make it easier.

Home visitation programs are designed to give parents resources and skills to raise children who are physically, emotionally and socially healthy. Parent Partners Plus works with trusted nonprofit and advocacy groups to offer 10 different home visitation programs. Each program is designed to make a difference to families of young children in their own, proven way.

We come to you. This makes all the difference. Families are more comfortable at home, particularly young children. Some programs do developmental activities or basic health screenings with your child. Young children are more apt to play along – because those developmental activities look like play – where they are most comfortable.

Parents are also more comfortable at home and have access to everything needed for both you and your child. A lot of our families have young babies and between the ever-changing sleep schedule and the supplies (diapers, clothes, pacifiers, food) babies need to leave the house, it makes life easier for all of our families that we come to them!

Now that you know why we come to you, let’s talk about what happens during your home visit.

You will have your dedicated home visitor who will get to know you and your family very well. He or she will show up on time with plenty of activities and resources for your scheduled appointment. Your home visitor will have notes from your previous visit a few weeks ago and will talk about anything you want to share as well as updates to things you were working on together.

Since each program and every family is different, what your family does during your home visit will be unique to you. Things you can expect include:

  • Discuss resources your family needs, from health care to activities for your child;
  • Practice some developmental activities you can do with your child like singing, reading, or building with blocks;
  • Address issues such as tantrums and ways to minimize them; and
  • Test your child’s hearing, vision and development with appropriate screenings.

No two home visitation programs are exactly the same, and each family experiences something that is designed for them. Some programs also include social events to meet other families, children and resources in your community.

Ready to learn more about which home visitation program is right for you? Contact Parent Partners Plus and we will get started!

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