A woman holding her stomach during her third trimester

Surprising Things Happening During The Third Trimester

Just when you thought you’d heard all the surprising things growing and changing with you and your baby during pregnancy, here’s a few you may not have known.

  • It feels like your heart has grown to make room for all the love for the new baby. But did you know your heart has actually grown during your pregnancy? Because your blood volume increases up to 50% to supply enough blood to the baby, your heart has grown too.
  • Not surprising, your uterus has grown. A lot! During pregnancy, a woman’s uterus can expand up to 500 times its original size. Don’t worry, mama! After your baby is born, your uterus will shrink back to its original size.
  • Sleep becomes more challenging at the end of pregnancy with frequent trips to the bathroom and the struggle for a comfortable position. Now, though, your hormones may be keeping you up with wild and intense dreams.

Your baby is on quite the adventure right now too as he or she prepares to meet you.

  • By the time your baby is in the third trimester, most of his or her five senses are developed. Babies can open their eyes by now and even tell the difference between light and dark.
  • Surprisingly, your baby can also smell now! Not much to smell before they are born, but newborn babies know their mom by smell and can even smell breastmilk at just a few days old.
  • Not only can your baby smell you, he or she can also recognize your voice. In the third trimester, your baby has fully developed hearing, so talk, sing, laugh and even read stories so your baby gets to know the sound of you.

The third trimester can feel like an eternity, but so much is happening and changing with both of you right now. It’s the perfect time to get excited, get the onesies ready and try to find a comfortable spot to relax while your body gets your baby ready to meet you!

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